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From 14.03.2023, our buses running daily international flights Lviv-Lublin started except for the square. Dvirtseva Street (АС8) to depart from the Zahidna bus station located at the address of the city of Lviv, str. Horodotska, 359. Departure time of the first passenger flight Lviv-Lublin from Zahidna bus station at 7:00 a.m. Departure of the second passenger flight Lviv-Lublin at 12.00.

We did this for the convenience of passengers who live in the Pustomytiv district and who find it convenient to use suburban routes to the Zahidna bus station.

You can easily book and buy tickets for a flight convenient for you on our website as well as at the ticket offices of the "Zakhidna" bus station.

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